Color Group / Color Line

Color Line is Norway's leading cruise- and ferry operator. The company operates six ships on four international lines, between seven ports in Norway, Germany, Denmark and Sweden.

Operating revenues

2 614



Total assets

9 514


Inc. part time
2 250

Color Group AS is the parent company of Color Line AS. Color Line AS is Norway’s biggest - and one of Europe’s leading - short-sea ferry opearator. The company employs 2250 people. The head office of the company is in Oslo, Norway.

Efficient transportation by sea is important for Norwegian industry, commerce and tourism. Color Line follows a clear strategy of differentiation: Quality cruises between Norway and Germany and efficient transport services from Norway to Denmark and Sweden. The ships offer conference facilities and a wide range of restaurants, shops and entertainment. The company also offers efficient cargo handling and shipping services.

Across Skagerrak

Each year, around four million passengers travel on Color Line ships. Among these are 600 000 tourists visiting Norway. The company also transports about 180 000 freight units annually.

Tourists travelling with Color Line account for 3.5 million over-night stays on shore. This contributes to a total consumption effect in Norway of further NOK 3.6 billion and represents eight per cent of total foreign tourist consumption.

With the new RoRo product established in 2018, Color Line Cargo will be able to shift a huge quantity of trucks and trailers from road to seaway.

Significant investments

In recent years, the company has made significant investments in ships, port facilities and environmental improvement measures. The company is a pacesetter in its use of technology to reduce emissions to air and water. In 2014/15, major investments were undertaken in order to implement exhaust cleaning technology (scrubbers) on four of the company’s vessels.

Plug-in hybrid

In February 2017 Color Line signed a contract with Ulstein shipyard for construction of Color Line’s new hybrid vessel. The environmentally sound ship has been servicing Sandefjord – Strømstad since mid 2019. The ship have full battery power into and out of the fjord to Sandefjord inner harbour. Currently, the ship is the largest of its kind.

The 160m vessel can take on 2,000 passengers and 500 cars.

4 million travelers
180 000 cargo units
Share of ownership
Trond Kleivdal
Annual report